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The contracting and engineering services which have been started, have gained a new identity in 1983 with the title of CONSTRUCTION TRADE AND INDUSTRY INC. and has completed numerous national and international projects successfully without compromising quality by combining its vast experience with its qualified personnel. Our organization has kept up with the ever changing times in terms of both human resources and technology and is continuing its rapid development by enlarging its areas of activity in the fields of tourism, mining, energy, electricity production, investment and finance sectors as well as the construction sector itself. The areas of construction activity of our firm include Health Facilities, Housing, Hotel and Tourism Facilities, Business Centers, Social and Cultural Facilities, Military Facilities,

Administrative Buildings, Industrial Facilities, Irrigation, Urban Infrastructure, Potable Water, Road and Port works. In the years to come, our goal is to take our stand in the global world by growing with our developing country, by ensuring the continuity of Quality and Confidence, which are sound and basic principles of our company.

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Quality Each project of Construction is able to meet various expectations through offering utmost quality. In our activities, high quality is continuously obtained through the usage of latest technology and management sciences. Standards of Construction is based on internationally accepted procedures. Excellence Construction is aware that becoming one of the market's constituents is achieved by targeting highest level of excellence starting from the finest details. Zero Mistake policy is both a goal and a success for Kur Construction. Those projects which are completed or undergoing by these principles is always questioned, reviewed and several solutions are developed to obtain better and more effective outcomes.