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We are group of compaines that deal in building and construction, manufacturering of Medical equipments, Power and energy and mostly into Drilling Services, we are more than 53 years of operational experience and a history of innovation that has brought tremendous safety and efficiency gains to the drilling process. Company operations started with only one drilling rig expanded currently to 45 onshore and offshore rigs for gas and oil drilling.

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Delivering Work Safely

Building and construction, manufacturering of Medical equipments, Power and energy and mostly into Drilling Service is acknowledged internationally as one that continually strives to make worker safety a main concern.With operators scaling heights in excess of on the derrick ladder for servicing.

Recognized Contractors

Offshore oil and gas is in a race to produce the most competitive barrel of oil. But with dozens of different suppliers and multiple interfaces involved, the process of delivering a well safely, on time and within budget has become more complex for operators than it needs to be..

Constructing Investment

Unsurprisingly, the largest countries in the world tend to have the biggest construction markets. Population changes and domestic economic circumstances, however, impact residential output. New homes in India, for instance,.

The Construction Industry

A Next Generation
Construction Company
Engineering Since 2005

Sharing State-of-the-Art Facilities & Equipments For Building Automotive Spare Parts, Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy, Medical Equipments and more.

Aster Group Inc is the leading supplier of equipment and services for upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas sectors in the CIS and the Middle East. Thanks to our well-known manufacturing partners and commitment to deliver high quality, consistent and cost effective services and equipment to our customers, we are recognized in exceeding customer expectations every time. We are doing our best to serve our clients with proper products, first-class services and adequate commercial term and conditions. We supply compression systems for transmission, process gas, gas gathering and production for the oil and gas and petrochemical industry. Gas compressor packages from 50hp to 5,000hp+ include Rotary Screw Gas Compressor Packages, Reciprocating Gas Compressor Packages, Vapor Recovery Systems, Refrigeration Compressor Packages, and other specialty natural gas compressor packages such as acid gas compressor packages, fuel gas compressor packages and other compressor packages for natural gas production. Our systems are specifically engineered and designed for rigorous duty under harsh operating conditions. We offer our customers proven reliability and performance as well as safety combined with exceptional after sales support. Our comprehensive range of equipment and services provides innovative, effective, strategic solutions to all our clients‚ technical and management needs.

Many Core Features of Aster Group Inc

Energy Production With Specializes In Technology

Key measure of manufacturing articles adding 1.4 million

Value by manufacturers for production rose to 7% in 2020

Competitiveness is rapid since 1990s to generate income

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