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Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, which started electricity production in 2008 with the commissioning of the first gas turbine with a power of 43.7 MW, reached an installed capacity of 1,150 MW with the parts commissioned between September 2008 and October 2011. One of World's largest natural gas power plants, the Power Plant has 2 300 MW Siemens SGT5-4000F gas turbines and 1 300 MW Siemens SST5-5000F steam turbine.

Reaching an efficiency of 59% with its combined cycle generation groups, the power plant's gas turbines with ultra-low NOx2 combustion system and closely monitored combustion temperatures achieve single-digit carbon monoxide levels. As of October 2018, following the approval of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), the license of the energy block that did not contribute to the actual production was revoked, and the installed power of the Power Plant was increased from 1,150 MW to 900 MW, and the generation capacity from 9 billion KWh to 7 billion KWh. has been reduced to .

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The power plant was also entitled to receive the "Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate" within the scope of the "Zero Waste" project implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the efficient use of resources at the beginning of 2021.

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Within the framework of the agreement signed with the Government of the Republic of most countries, an energy sales agreement for a period of 6.5 years was signed for the sale of electricity produced at the Power Plant at a tariff determined in US dollars. Based on the agreement, Samsun Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant was converted into a fuel oil power plant and some of its equipment was transferred. While saving on investment expenditures was achieved by using the existing equipment, the construction was completed within 9.5 months and the power plant was commissioned quickly.